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About Nicole…

I was raised by my grandmother – plain and simple. She made gardens grow, mowed grass, and tried to prune trees.  She made wine and canned peaches. When she cooked in the kitchen, she made a story unfold. This is why you are reading my story today.

Nicole’s Granola Revolution!

Yes, that’s right, our company knows that what we do today will impact your family tomorrow. So, we keep it simple and mix wholesome organic oats, with grade A honey, and great all natural flavorings. At our company, we only use one sweetener in our granola without adding any additional sugars, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients.

Mission: Who We Are

We are a baking and cooking company that provides good, clean products and cooking for you and your family. Our mission statement and motto: “Consistency over time, under pressure”. It doesn’t get any better than this! Try all our delicious products or services:

  • Oats and honey granola; Oats, honey, seeds, and raisins granola; Dark Chocolate Island Coconut granola; Just A Little Kick at The End Snack Mix; Oatmeal Raisin Sensations; Gluten Free Granola; and Oats in the Raw
  • Check out our menu on our website and transform your meal into something awesome and delicious!
  • Enjoy our Personal Chef Services in your own home or let us drop it off to you!
  • Does your workout need a boost? Talk to us about our Nutritional and Wellness coaching. It’s a little different, but very effective
  • We do not use meat in our vegetables and no additives or preservatives in our cooking or baked goods