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Just Good Clean Cookin customers we hope you are well.
We know that in the past few days you have been flooded with information, your families have been impacted, and at times your emotions may have been a wave of some ups and downs. We got you by continuing to follow all CDC guidelines related to handwashing, cleanliness,  and social distancing.  We  cook all  of our products out of a shared food kitchen that follows strict FDA and USDA guidelines.
Remember your health: Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of oats, eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables,  and consume reasonable amounts of meat based products. Sounds strange, huh? The more you pump in the right nutrients the better it will help you think and react properly during times like these. We need you to be okay.
For more information on the Coronavirus, we have included information from the CDC website.
Thank you,
Founder and CEO
Just Good Clean Cookin